my game play it

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bad day

i saw ripples in the sky today like you see in the water like it was a ocean but then i relised my life sucked becus i coulde not get psp it was a happy little world of mine i had one yesterday i was having so much fun until my brother punched me and through it into the lake and this is what was buging me on our long trip to canada my father is crazy he loves canada so much for two reasons one he likes winter and becus switchblades are legal that is whats rong today

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my book

this story i made when i was 10 its stupid and funny not finished but who cares its dumb also lots of bad spelling                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Once upon a time there was a little boy his name was jaden giberson he was mostly insane he lived in a world that does not exist when he was young his parents died

so he lived by himself he is now 16 he has black hair blue eyes he had no friends no pets nothing one day jaden was walking in the woods he

saw a glimpse of some thing walking around he went after it then he came across a house there was a legend that a monster lived in it jaden did not
believe this but since he saw something in the woods so he was thinking that there might be something so he went inside and he looked around the

house was small but cozy he saw the monster he was amazed but not scared the beast said to him why are you not afraid of me? jaden said

because I must be dreaming you cant be real but your not dreaming said the monster oh really prove well in a dream can you feel pain no i guess not said jaden well

then the monster pinched him jaden

felt it ouch! he said how can i feel that if this is a dream the beast said maybe this is not a dream well i guess it might not be but i maybe im just seeing things and

your just some old man but im not how do you know you might just be my imagination but i guess Ive never seen things before so

i guess your are real the beast said my name is tin tin jaden laughed! tin tin he said what a funny name! tin tin said quiet! by the way whats your name lad its

jaden not so funny has yours is it
the monster told him about a wizard named spiral who was really kinda like an ugly snake freak but happened to be one of the last of a clan of wizards who made themselves part animal spiral was a snake the clan was called odens and spiral was a snakeoden he had pale skin red eyes and a fork tong he was making an army of ogres and goblins and trolls to destroy the elf
because they were a very strong force and spiral wanted to destroy all he could with all he had now the goblins and the trolls and ogres wanted to take over the world like most crazy people jaden said he was going to help the wizards but tin tin was all like why why why! jaden said because i want to no one tells me what to do and i just want to so jaden left he decided to go to the wizard clan and that is how
his journey started he realized that he did not know where the clan was so he went back to tin tin and asked where they were tin tin said it was

in fellinore a land far to the east so he went there when he got there he went around asking people if they knew where the clan of wizards was one old man came up to

him and said what do you want with them? jaden said he wanted to find them so he could help them the old man said how do you know about

them? jaden said that tin tin told him then the old man said to come with him so jaden went with him they went into a building and then into a room

when they got there jaden saw a lot of people with robes staffs and pointy hats and then the old man told him his name was glorton so glorton

introduced jaden to them first was zen who had a yellow robe and hat a large wooden staff then krenn who had a gray robe and hat and a large

black staff there were so many i cant tell you all of them then he showed him his room it had a small bed a dresser and well that was it but after that glorton said it

is time jaden said time for what? glorton told him he would be

trained to be a wizard jaden tried to hold in the excitement first glorton gave him a robe a staff and a pointy hat and then he showed him how to shoot balls of fire

and blow things away with wind and how to shoot lightning jaden

loved it all when he got farther into it he learned how to control objects and make explosions and fly and suck phantoms and spirits into his staff one day jaden

found a sword and a shield on his bed glorton said it was a present the shield and sword were magic the shield could block almost anything and the sword could cut through almost anything
so finally spiral came to the elf kingdom his army was almost at it but the clan of wizards stopped them there was a huge battle jaden and a small group

went in after the goblin king it was hard to get through the bad guys force but they really needed to get to the king so when they did get to the king he killed half

there men with a single fire bolt(because goblins can do that) but jaden did not give up even though jaden was not very good at fighting
the king had much power jaden almost died but glorton saved him spiral got away and the clan knew he would be back glorton told jaden that he

needed more training so they went on and on and on it was hard work but jaden is slightly insane so he didnt mind finally jaden was ready! glorton said that there was a

dragon loose in the woods and that he should go get it dragons are really good fighters and could kill a lot of people if jaden didnt do something he said he would when they went to the woods and there he saw it a big red dragon roaming around jaden decided he

would keep it for a pet instead of killing it and he went up to it and said hello he grabbed it by the neck and pulled it home (the dragon wanted to go with him jaden

cant drag a dragon)

he kept it has a pet he started to fly on it he had a lot of fun! finally spiral came again with a much bigger army spirals army got

through the clan of wizards then the elfs had to fight also. spiral got to the king of the elfs the guards attacked him but spiral just shot a huge ball of fire and the guards were killed he was about to kill the king but the he begged for mercy and spiral just took out his sword and went after the king who ran away screaming for help like a girl. tin tin came in and punched spiral in the face and then kicked him on the floor but spiral just got up and there fight went on and on spiral shot balls of fire at tin tin though it it did nothing then tin tin ran at him so spiral blasted him with lightning
spiral won but jaden got there in time and went after spiral lights were flashing everywhere and they both got very hurt jaden used his sword and

shield but it was no use spiral was one of the things that it cant cut he even called on his pet dragon (who he named tanner) fire burned but still

spiral got away he said next time he would have bigger plans they went hunting him down for years they searched (2 years) they almost got to the

end of the world but before they did they got to spirals house it was huge it was two miles high and four miles long and 1 mile from front to back it would take

forever to find him

in there so they had to burn it to the ground with the help of tanner the dragon they did it spiral had to get out so he blasted through the house( before they burned it down)and he

flew away jaden flew after him he tried to keep up with spiral but he was so fast jaden didnt know how he could stay on his tail jaden tried to shoot

fire at him but spiral is really good at flying on a broom stick so jaden called his pet dragon tanner who went after him spiral went has fast as he could but dragons

are way too fast spiral shot a bolt of lightning at them that made them go down it took jaden two hours to heal tanner when he was done there was

no sight of spiral so he went back to glorton and the clan glorton said that spiral most likely to get help from garjler who is the king of the

phantoms which are monsters that move like spirits jaden decided to go after spiral so glorton told him where garjler lived jaden went to the castle

when he got there the guards were at the door he asked to get in but they said no he lifted them into the air with his magic then lots of phantoms

came at him from out of the walls and he shot lightning bolts at them it went through them so he had to blow them away with wind and that worked

then he went into the castle there were so many guards he tried to blow them away but they kept coming back so he had to suck them into his staff

jaden went on farther into the castle then he saw tin tin oh hello tin tin said jaden tin tin told him that garjler was at the center of the castle which

was guarded by dogets which are huge black monsters with purple claws and red swords tin tin and jaden went to the center of the castle they

were almost there they could see the dogets jaden pulled out his sword and shield he got ready the dogets came at them jaden slashed at them

he went for the eyes but then he saw that they had no eyes so he went for the chest slash then the dogets tried to eat them then jaden said zekror

and they exploded then him and tin tin went inside they saw a big chair with a man in red and black armor jaden shot fire at him but nothing

happened then lightning but still nothing so he took his helmet off with his magic but all that was there was black smoke he shot at that but still

nothing then he realized it was not garjler but just armor held together by magic so jaden looked around and he saw nothing so he blasted

everywhere then spiral came forward and shot at jaden then jaden called on his pet dragon tanner who shot fire at spiral but spiral used a force field

to stop it jaden took out his sword and went right after him so spiral took out his sword and jaden went after him slash and down went spiral

not spiral just got back up and flew away turns out garjler was not even there jaden went back to the base

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